Real Estate Brands


Corporate Real Estate brands have very little value when selling homes. The individual Realtor’s reputation is the brand that matters. The experience a seller has with the Realtor during the selling process is based on the professionalism, knowledge, integrity and quality of service provided by the individual agent, NOT the real estate company that he/she is affiliated with.

Real estate agents are independent contractors and not employees. They basically work for themselves. In fact, the majority work out of their home office with minimum supervision. Therefore, the quality of service that the agent provides can vary greatly!

         When a buyer sees your home, they do not care what brokerage name is on the sign. When agents see your listing on the Multiple Listing Service, they do not care what company has the listing. The product is the home, not the real estate company.

          Real estate franchises do not do more marketing then independent companies. The individual agent is responsible for the cost of marketing their listings. The advertising you see in newspapers or other printed advertising that are provided by the Realtors and brokerages are to market themselves to potential buyers and sellers.

Statistics show that a buyer’s major resource for finding a home is searching the internet. Nearly 100 percent of homebuyers shop on the internet to locate properties they are interest in before hiring a Realtor to represent them.

Lastly, do not be fooled by agents who claim they spend thousands of dollars marketing your home on the internet.

Once your home is listed on the MLS, thousands of real estate website pick up the listing and post it on their site – at no cost to the agent.

However, an agent can pay thousands of dollars to these website to market themselves and/or their company to potential buyers and seller, not your home.