Once you have been given an estimate of the market value of your home, you can get a rough idea of how much cash you might walk away with when the sale is completed.

From the estimated sales price, subtract:
  1. Payoff figure on your present loan(s)

  2. Broker's commission

  3. Any prepayment penalty on your mortgage

  4. Attorney fees, if any

  5. Unpaid property taxes

  6. Escrow Fee

In addition, I can tell you whether local customs or rules expect the buyer or seller to pay for the following items:
  1. Title Insurance Premium

  2. Transfer Tax

  3. Survey fees

  4. Natural Hazard Disclosures

  5. Termite Inspection report & repairs

  6. Recording Fees

  7. Homeowner Association transfer fees & document preparation

  8. Home Protection Plan

As far as closing costs are concerned, you can negotiate any agreement that suits you, no matter what the local practices dictate. Please call me if you would like me to help you estimate your potential closing costs.